Nimses - save your time


That’s all you need for Nimses to turn your minutes into digital coins called Nims.

You live 43,830 minutes each month, meaning you get 43,830 Nims. It’s up to you to decide how to spend them.

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January 2017
Nimses Alpha Launch
  • 1 minute of 1 life = 1 nim.
  • Nimses Treasury of Human Value is available globally.
June 2017
Nimses Beta Launch
  • 1 million users in 5 days.
  • Nimses App is available in Eastern Europe.
September 2017
Nimses Goods
  • Nimses Goods is available in Kiev.
  • Prepared for the launch in 150 biggest cities.
September 2017
Nimses Rules
  • Human absolute right for nims.
  • 1 human = 1 profile only.
  • Mutual guarantee and responsibility through 6-step verification.
  • Social contribution.
November 2017
Pre-release repurchase
of nims
  • Monetization of nims at a rate of $1 per 10.000 nims prior to Nimses Exchange public release is available for Nimses Goods merchants.
December 2017
Nimses Blockchain Testing
  • Nimses Blockchain is now in the testing phase.
March 2018
Nimses Blockchain Release

  • A single global registry of transactions is provided.
  • Every nim, every account, every transaction is made eternally reliable and immutable.
  • Personal keys protection.
  • upcoming
March 2018
Nimses exchange
  • Nim is exchangeable into other currencies.
March 2018
Nimses Music
  • Disclosure of the Nimses Music.
April 2018
  • All nims of all the people are limited: 1 day = 1440 nims, 1 month = 43830 nims, 1 life ~ 45 million nims.
  • As the nim, both in theory and practice, is applied to express universal value, the possibility of investment in nims is open.

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