That is enough already for Nimses to turn your every minute into a digital coin called nim.

In one month, you will live 43 830 minutes, meaning you will get 43 830 nims. It is up to you to decide how to spend them.

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Note # 1

First level of Nimses human personality uniqueness verification

Nimses provides every human being with an account for saving and using a universal capital, the lived time of one's own life and the lives of others.

Nim is a unique lived minute of a unique human. There cannot be other sources for nims to occur. The Nimses ecosystem launches total mechanisms for verifying and maintaining the totality of globally lived time of all registered humans.

One person has one life, thus in Nimses, one user can have only one account, one person has ONE nimb only

Nimses registration in followed by acquiring the status of a user. One can get the status of a human provided that at least six other verified humans confirm that the user is an actual real human being.

The user, who turned out to be not a real person, is thrown out of the system and blocked forever. The human, who provided false verification, would be fined and henceforth denied the right to confirm the human status of others.

Only humans will be able to use their nims in Nimses Goods and Nimses Music