Nimses is a worldwide system which records and saves the time of a human being’s life. After the user registers an account with Nimses, each minute of the person’s life turns into a single Nim, a unique and indestructible unit of digital currency. The total number of Nims produced and gained by one person is accumulated into their individual account balance, called the Nimb. One can manage their personal Nimb through the free, location-based Nimses App.

Time is an irreversible current from the past into the future through the present. For an individual and for humanity, this means an inevitable linear movement towards a certain end point. In other words, time cannot be rewound or set on stand by mode. Moreover, life is only possible within time’s framework. Time leaves its trace on every piece of organized matter while never revealing its own cloth. Time itself has no incarnation.

Nimses is a concept which makes time tangible and makes it possible for one to save and consume the time that has passed. The ideological foundation of Nimses is a circle of 12 principles that determine the relationship between a human being and time.


Nimses Inc. was registered in Delaware, USA in 2016. Technologically, Nimses is an algorithm which digitizes the lived time of every registered user. Upon registration, each user is provided with a unique account created on Nimses. Each minute of a person’s life is transformed into an indestructible digital unit, a Nim, which remains on the Internet forever. There can’t be any minute lived by a registered user which is not registered in their Nimses account. As every minute of every day passes, regardless of activity or time spent resting, a user gets one Nim. Individual Nim balances can be seen in one’s Nimb—the total amount of Nims produced by one person as well as received from other registered users. After one day, which has exactly 1,440 minutes, users’ Nimbs grow by at least 1,440 Nims. This is the minimum guaranteed basic daily Nim “income” of every user. The same minute of the same user cannot create two Nims.

All Nims stored in the account of a specific user, both created by this user and received from other users, are considered their property and can’t be retrieved at will—neither by the system nor other users. It’s comparable to a person’s patent over time itself. Every Nim owner has the right to use their Nims at their own discretion.


Nimses concept is realized through the Nimses App. It is a free, location-based mobile application which is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. The Nimses app serves as a platform for the generation, accumulation, and storage of human time. It can also be used for payments and communication.

In terms of options available, Nimses generates, stores and accumulates all the units of lived human time. It also operates as a payment system for transferring personal time from one individual to another. Nimses has all the tools inherent to social networks as well. Using Nimses, people can actually express interest in real people, not just these people’s online activities.

The app shows the Nimbs of all registered users nearby in real time. Thus, individual Nim balances are easily comparable. Simply encountering a person on the street, one could use the app to see the size of his or her Nimb right away.

Nimses allows users to spend Nims on anything they feel worth spending their time on. In Nimses, people can also receive Nims from others. If someone receives a Nim from someone else, it means that a minute of real life was shared with them.