I want to watch your ad

The viewer decides to watch an advert or not. If they watch it, they get paid in nims. The advertiser is the one who pays them. This is advertising by mutual consent.

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show me your ad, yes, please, i want to see your ad   •   

I’m nearby. Show me what you’ve got.

Only those in the five closest Temples see your advert.

These humans are living, walking, standing, sitting right next to those who are advertising.

It’s very likely that they’ll be interested in the product being advertised or even want to buy it straight away.

I want to earn nims for watching

You don’t need money to show your advert: you only pay in nims.

You need to have a brand or a shop or just a personality and a desire to talk about it to the people around you, to possible customers, followers, fans, guests or clients.