Nimses Community Rules

Please read carefully these Rules before using the Nimses Support Community (hereinafter – the “Community”). If you disagree with any provision of the Rules and/or do not admit possible changes, you would better stop using the Community. If you continue using the Community, you automatically accept all the provisions and possible changes of the given Rules.

Nimses can change, add or remove any part of the current Rules or any part of Service’s Functionality assignable on the Site and/or in the Application at any time. In case of any changes, the updated version of the Rules will be published on the Site.

In addition to the provisions of the given Rules, functioning of the Community is governed by general Nimses Terms and Conditions available at the link: In the event of any conflict between the current Rules and Nimses Terms and Conditions, the conditions of the current Rules will be of the higher priority.

Opinions, expressed by Users in the Community, are not considered as Administration’s official viewpoint.


In Community you can create and discuss with others some actual topics. At this point you agree not to interfere in the Community functioning and disrupt its work. The Community exists for mutual assistance and communication of Users. If you know the answer to any question, or you can suggest an optimal solution, share this information with other Users. But never reveal personal information.

In Community it is prohibited to issue information that contains:

  • - excess of slang, abusive or vulgar language;
  • - advertising materials and links to off-site resources;
  • - information, forbidden by Nimses Terms and Conditions and Nimses Privacy Policy;
  • - discussion of forum moderators’ activity;
  • - flood – pointless or off the point information, that conveys no meaning, i.е. short messages like «great», «it’s interesting»;
  • - off-top – messages that mismatch a topic, i.e. the topic is referred to Nimses Goods, and a User writes a message about his/her Account being blocked;
  • - personal correspondence – for discussion of personal questions, please use chats in the application;
  • - publication of false information.

Violation of the given paragraphs results in editing or deletion of the publication, as well as in severe reprimand or blocking of a User Account.

Regarding the topics in Community it is prohibited:

  • - to create topics, that are addressed to particular members of the Community;
  • - to create insipid topics with a view to flood, off-top and flame;
  • - to duplicate already existing topics;
  • - to create topics that do not correspond the subject of the section.

Violation of the given paragraphs will result in topic deletion or its transfer to the appropriate section. Each User should understand by the name of the topic what the given topic is about. It is recommended to reveal the essence of the topic as briefly as possible. The name of a topic should sum up the topic as accurately as possible.

Regarding the topic name in Community it is prohibited:

  • - to use such pointless expressions like: "Help!", "Urgent!", "Problem!" etc. as a topic name;
  • - to spell a topic name in capital letters: "WHAT SHALL I DO???";
  • - to use excess of grouped punctuation marks: "Phone hangs on start!!! What shall I do??????";
  • - to highlight the name of the topic with different characters, e.g.: "..::Topic name::..";
  • - to use topic names, that are not logically related to your message.


Administration reserves the right, but does not assume obligations, to edit or delete any messages and comments, if they are considered by Administration as those which violate the given Rules.

If you have suggested and/or expressed any ideas regarding Site, Application, Service, Service Functionality or other Nimses products, technologies and services, they can be used and included into Nimses products, technologies and services without royalty payment to you or any other obligations on the part of Administration.

Administration may answer questions, but does not officially represent the support on the Site. Any information, provided by Administration, is given for illustrative purposes and cannot be regarded as warranties of any kind.

Your willingness to help other Users does not imply any labor relations between you and Administration. You are not allowed to speak for Administration or bill yourself as official representative of the Administration.

Nimses can use «cookies» or other technologies for tracking User’s activity in Support Community. These technologies help us to improve our Service and Service Functionality. Use of this information corresponds to Nimses Privacy Policy.

You may receive email notifications, when someone leaves a comment to your post and/or answers your comment.

Administration can answer your post and/or comment your message. Administration can also contact you by email beyond the Community. This can be, for instance, a service quality survey, initiated by the Community and by Administration on the whole.

If you don’t like to receive such emails or other notifications, you can disable them.

Regarding any questions, concerning Nimses Support Community, please contact


Any insulting comments towards other Users will be deleted, the Account of the User who wrote them will be blocked and the User will be deprived of a right to use the Community.

It is forbidden to add, discuss and publish materials that are not related to the area of discussion. It is forbidden to speculate and spread rumors about products and/or services, that haven’t been officially announced by Administration. No discussions on Administration’s policies and procedures shall be permitted.

It is forbidden to use official branding, name of Nimses as well as other Administration’s intellectual property as an avatar picture in posts or in any other personal publications and offers.

Please publish only constructive comments and questions. Your publication should be either a specific question, connected with the Site, Application, Service as well as other Nimses products and services, or an answer to the given questions. Constructive feedback about Service Functionality is also welcome. Please, do not post surveys and petitions or links to them. Check your answer before posting it. Post your piece of advice or recommendation only when they have helped you personally.

Any type of advert is prohibited in the Community. You are not allowed to sell or promote your goods and services to other Users in the Community, so please do not post links to such goods and services. Posting of noncommercial links is only allowed in case these links give a direct answer to a User’s question. Such links may be of informative and/or introductory nature and should not contain any commercial component or appeal to execution of any market transactions or any other financial operations. If any part of User’s publication, including published links, leads to any kind of commercial profit or compensation for the User personally, the publication will be deleted, and the User who has published it, will make answer for violation of the given Rules provisions. In case of a repeated violation of any provisions mentioned in the given document, the User’s Account will be blocked and the User will be deprived of the access to Nimses Community resourses.

Your signature may contain any information about you, but it should not contain direct links to any recourses. A User name cannot contain offensive expressions, links and/or web addresses, emails or any other contact information.

Passing oneself off as someone else will result in Account blockage and deprivation of the access to Nimses Community recourses.

Materials and publications should not contain appeals to illegal conducts or information that violates the current legislation.

Making posts in the Community, you automatically agree to provide Administration with unlimited, free, geographically boundless license to change, аdapt, publish, translate, distribute your publication or use it in any similar way.


If you do not observe the provisions, mentioned in the given Rules, Nimses can delete your publication. Administration can also send you an email, with the notification that your publication was deleted or edited.

Repeated violation of the Rules leads to temporal or permanent Account block as well as partial or full revocation of access rights to the Community recourses.

If you post or send offensive or unacceptable content, behave in an aggressive and/or insulting way or take actions, considered by Administration as serious and/or repeated violations, Administration may use all the provided by you information to stop further violations of the current Rules and protect other Users.

Such measures may include informing the appropriate and/or responsible third parties, such as law enforcement agencies or their authorized persons.

Administration retains the right to delete any publication or take measures towards any Account at any time and for any reason, that will be considered as violation of the provisions of the Rules and/or will do harm to other Users or disturb their comfortable stay in the Community.