Effective as from: 15.08.2017
Last modified on: 29.08.2017

Nimses Goods Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Nimses Goods Terms and Conditions, available at the link:

Besides, any legal relations, not regulated by this Privacy Policy, is regulated under the general Nimses Privacy Policy, available at the link:, which is also applied to the persons, using the Service.

The terms used in this Privacy Policy shall be understood in accordance with the Nimses Goods Terms and Conditions, unless other otherwise provided hereby.


1.1 This Privacy Policy provides for the information collected by the Administration about the Users and Companies in connection with ensuring the functioning and development of the Site, the objective of the collection, and the procedure of the use and disclosure of such information to third parties. The Administration shall observe and protect the Users’ and Companies’ confidentiality.

1.2 By using the Service through personal Account in the Application or Business-page on the Site, and by clicking the button, confirming the consent with this Privacy Policy, Users and Companies accept the conditions set forward in this Privacy Policy and consent to the Administration’s collection, storage, processing and use of their personal data and/or other data as do not belong to the personal data in accordance with the applicable laws.


Apart from the information collected by Administration in accordance with the general Nimses Privacy Policy, Administration has the right to collect, store, process and use the following additional information about:

2.1.1 USERS:

  • - information about the goods and/or services, which the User looks through and/or buys, both with and without linking to geolocation and time data;
  • - information about the performed transactions of the User, including, but not limited to, periodicity of the purchases of the goods and/or services; prices of the performed transactions and the average price of the transactions during particular period;
  • - history of the goods and/or services searching within Nimses Goods;
  • - sex and age of the User.


  • - name of the Company;
  • - contact phone number of the Company;
  • - address (location) of the Company or any of its divisions (points of sale of goods or services);
  • - address of the site of the Company in the Internet;
  • - logos or any other pictures, illustrating the activity of the Company;
  • - geolocation data, namely the location of the devices used to include the geographic one by means of GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals if the relevant settings allow doing it);
  • - information about the goods and/or services, which have been placed or currently are placed on the Business-page of the Company;
  • - information about the demand of the Users on the goods and/or services of the Company during the particular period of time;
  • - information about any transactions of the Company and the balance of Nims on its Account.

2.2 Administration has the right to research the information, received from the Users and Companies, with the aim to get, based on it, the new information. Users and Companies give their consent to collection, storage, processing and use of such new information, which has originated from the previously transmitted data, by the Administration.

2.3 Besides, Administration reserves the right to request from the Users and Companies additional information, including the documents for the verification of personality, his/her legal status, the credibility of the filed data and information, with the aim to prevent infringement of the requirements of the applicable law. If the User or Company refuses to provide the requested information, they may be deprived of the further access to the Service.


3.1 Under the applicable law Administration is not obliged to solely identify the degree of the sensitivity of the personal information of the Users and the Companies, and take additional measure as to the protection of such information. If the User or the Company consider that Administration processes sensitive personal information, they have to notify Administration thereof, so that Administration could take the respective measures to secure such information.


4.1 Apart from the purposes, foreseen by the general Nimses Privacy Policy Administration collects, stores, processes and uses information with the aim to:

  • - ensure full functioning of Nimses Goods;
  • - improve the safety of the Nimses Goods use and Nimses Goods quality;
  • - optimize the process of the goods and/or services search, and their arranging depending on the needs of the Users;
  • - ensure the process of advertising and targeting of the goods and/or services of the Companies;
  • - notify about the news, services and advertising offers of the Service.

4.2 Administration may occasionally send on e-mails of the Users and Companies advertising messages as to the offered goods and/or services, new opportunities and services of the Service. The Users and Companies may waive such mailing by clicking the relevant link in the lower part of the message and changing the setting of their Accounts.

4.3 The Administration shall store the User’s personal data and information about the Companies for a reasonable time period, required for the ensuring of the full functioning of the Service.


5.1 Any relations not regulated under this Privacy Policy, shall be regulated under the general Nimses Privacy Policy.

5.2 During the use of Nimses Goods Users and Companies confirm, that they provide credible, accurate, actual and exhaustive information. If the Users or Companies provide not credible, inaccurate, not actual or not exhaustive information, or Administration has valid reasons to consider the information to be such, Administration has the right to limit the access of the Users or Companies to Nimses Goods temporarily (till all the disputable matters are settled) or permanently.

5.3 Administration reserves the right to amend, supplement and delete the provisions of the Privacy Policy at any time. The new version of the Privacy Policy shall come into force at the moment it is placed on the Site unless otherwise provided for by the new version of the Privacy Policy. The date of the last amendments will be specified in the respective field «Last modified on».