Payment Policy

This Payment Policy defines the basic principles for making payments by users of the Nimses Ads portal (hereinafter - Nimses Ads), which is provided by Nimses Inc., its affiliates, subsidiaries, representative offices (hereinafter - Nimses Inc.). This Payment policy is limited to Nimses Ads and does not apply to other Nimses Inc. services. This Payment Policy is in addition to the Rules of Use of Nimses Ads and, in case of contradiction, the Rules of Use of Nimses Ads have a higher priority.

Before using the Nimses Ads service, be sure to read the Nimses Ads Rules of Use ( and the Nimses Service Use Terms and Conditions (

The payment can be made on the Nimses Ads portal by an adult in accordance with the applicable law for such person, as well as by a person over 13 years of age with the explicit consent of the parents to conduct such an operation.

Payments from Nimses Ads to Nimses Inc. made by credit or debit card.

In the case of using a credit or debit card, the user guarantees that he is the legal owner of such a card.

Nimses Inc. may entrust the receipt and processing of payments from Nimses Ads users to third parties. Making payments to such persons is the proper discharge of financial obligations by the user of Nimses Ads.

To pay by credit or debit card, go to and in the "Advertising" section, click the link on the top toolbar, select "Transfer" and then follow the instructions on the screen.

When paying for the cost of using the Nimses Ads service on the website, services (including software) of third parties can be used. Before making a payment, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms of use of such services.

If you pay with a debit card and your operation leads to an overdraft excess or to a collection of another collection by your bank, you are responsible for paying the debt amount or collection.

The user of the Nimses Ads service gives his univocal consent to the fact that he pays the expenses and bank fees of his bank related to making a payment.

If you pay with a credit or debit card, first Nimses Inc. or designated by Nimses Inc. the payment operator must obtain pre-approval from the organization that issued such a card to withdraw the amount from the card. This amount should be equal to the full price of your payment. Your card will be charged at the time you initiate a payment, or shortly thereafter. If you cancel a transaction before completion, this pre-approval may result in those funds not otherwise being immediately available to you.

Nimses Inc. does not store the data of credit or debit cards of users of the Nimses Ads service. You can find out more about the information collected about users and its further use by reviewing the Privacy Policy (

New advertisers must pay for the first ad before publishing it on the Nimses Ads portal. Payment must be made immediately after the approval of the advertisement or on the deadline for the submission of announced announcements, whichever comes later.

Advertisements or campaigns may be canceled by Nimses Inc. if they require payment and which were not paid two (2) business days prior to the publication of such an advertisement, as well as in other cases provided for by the Rules of Use "Nimses Ads", applicable law.

Nimses Inc. checks ads of advertisers for the presence of obvious violations, but accepting payment for an advertisement does not mean that it does not violate the current rules and standards of the applicable law. You can find out more about rights and obligations as an advertiser by reading the Rules of Use "Nimses Ads" (

Subject to the conditions, Nimses Inc. may, in its sole discretion, allow the publication of an unpaid advertisement or an advertising campaign, with the user subsequently paying the price of the advertisement or advertising campaign.

Using Nimses Ads you undertake to create a reliable login and password for your account and keep them secret from third parties. In case of attackers taking possession of your account or detecting suspicious activity in your account on the Nimses Ads portal, immediately report this to Nimses Inc. support service. Before receiving a message about a hacked account or suspicious activity of your account, Nimses Inc. believes that all actions are committed by you personally, including payment.

Nimses Inc. at its discretion, may suspend the payment operation of Nimses Ads and request additional documents from the user, in case of reasonable doubt.

Nimses Inc. may amend its Payment Policy at any time by posting a revised Payment Policy on the Site (, and/or sending information regarding the amendment to the email address you provide to Nimses Inc. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Site to obtain timely notice of such amendments. You shall be deemed to have accepted such amendments by continuing use of the Nimses Ads or of your Account, other services provided by Nimses Inc. after such amendments have been posted or information about such amendments has been sent to you.

If you have any questions about making payments email us at or call us at 31 6 39 35 96 84.