Nimses global launch campaign

Nimses global launch campaign

When we launched Nimses in 2017, we had a vision of disrupting the social media and economic paradigm. Nimses values each minute of a user’s time in a tangible, real-world way while also allowing users to be part of a digital community within their real-world one.

Over the past two years, the project has rapidly expanded with millions of users in Europe, Africa, Latin America and recently in the United States.

Last week’s endorsement by PewDiePie, a truly global influencer with close to 100 million YouTube followers, has brought even more users to our platform. And as often happens when trying to present a complex project to a massive audience, there have been some misconceptions and confusion about Nimses.

We are listening closely to our users feedback and are constantly refining and upgrading our app. As such, we’d like to clarify information about some issues our new users have recently posted about:

Data sharing

Nimses does not sell your data. Ever. That’s because unlike other apps, advertisers will be paying you - not us - for your time. This is done through our proprietary blockchain technology. Users are paid in Nims and soon will be able to use those credits to purchase goods through our marketplace. The other crucial thing about this is that, unlike anywhere else, users only see ads when they opt to.


While Nimses uses geo-location technology to connect users to others in their real-world communities, known as “Temples”, users cannot decipher exact locations. Also, geo-locating is used only when the Nimses app is open. We don’t share any of this geo-location data and we don’t record or store activity unrelated to Nimses-based interactions.

The permissions our service asks are fully compliant with the latest General Data Protection Rules and are the industry-standard level in the social media and tech world. We have made all the permissions visible upfront for a new user to be fully aware and in control of personal data usage. Furthermore, Nimses is regulated in the same way as Facebook and other big tech companies.

We also value a user’s right not to give us certain permissions or to stop using Nimses altogether. If you delete your account, all your information is deleted with the exception of data that tells us whether a phone number has been previously used. This is done only to allow us to prevent abuse of our referral system.


Because we want you to understand what data we collect, all users are allowed to request a data report that outlines what information we possess. We want our users to be as informed as possible. This policy is a new one that we are proud to champion and we hope other tech companies will follow our lead.

Democratic dogma

Every aspect of Nimses is ruled by strictly democratic principles. This concerns everything - ads, content moderation, status and influence of users inside the system. This is a fundamental rethinking of the whole ‘social network’ concept. The networks in Nimses are governed horizontally by users.

Nimses reflects the real life social activity. The ultimate goal of the Anthroposystem that we are building is to suggest the new social and asset-based statuses and restart the whole meaning of fairness for the twenty first century.

Learning and Improving

Nimses is still a relatively new company. Like so many start-ups, we are not perfect but we are learning and refining our project with each new user. Going forward, we are committed to communicating more clearly to our users - especially as we integrate many of your suggestions in our future updates!

We genuinely thank everyone for your valuable feedback and we hope you will stay with us on this fantastic journey.

— Andrey Boborykin, Nimses head of marketing and communications